3-times cut, despite board thickness

Hello, just a quick question:

I’m using a 3 mm thick composite wood panel.
The bit is the default one, 5 mm depth per pass.
I need to engrave a shape with 0.5 mm depth.

The machine is always making the engraving for 3 times, each one deeper than the previous one, reaching approx. 1.5- 2 mm depth.

Attached an image with the line settings.

Is it any way to avoid the multiple cutting? Since one single pass should be more than enough.


Hi Ciprian, thanks for contacting us,
Goliath makes a deeper cut than desired due to a Z-axis calibration bug, which we are working to fix by the end of the year.

So in the case of deeper cuts it is possible to overcome the problem by understanding how much deeper the cut is than desired and try to reduce the depth of cut by that amount.

But in the case of such shallow cuts this is obviously not feasible, but we will do our best to solve this as soon as possible.

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