A Bug? Can't rotate an ellipse on the canvas

Hi there,

So this is an odd one:

  1. I import an .svg of an ellipse to my canvas.
  2. I attempt to rotate that .svg so that I have more room for Goliath to maneuver. When I attempt to do so, the ellipse changes shape.
  3. If I attempt to repeat this action with a simpler geometry (say a rectangle or triangle), all works as expected.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


maybe the options of geometry dimension are chained, can you send a pic here of your Slingshot interface?

Hi Jason_by_design,
to help us better understand what is actually happening can you please share some screenshots?
if you could also share the original .svg it would be amazing.

Hi Jason_by_design,
do you have any news on this?
We are waiting for the screenshot and the .svg file.