Accuracy of small circles near the "Tower"--edge

Small circles (10 mm diameter) near the Tower-edge become some kind of “arty farty” hole.

Goliath is turned 50° with its wheels near the edge. When milling the circle Goliath is shaking quite vivedly (Goliath even dropped off my sheet of plywood once).

  1. Has this something to do with being to close to the tower-edge? The angle of the tower wires with Goliath is quite small in this situation.
  2. In general, is it better to place the towers at the shortest edge of my sheet (2500x1250 mm)? Tower cables will alwayes make a bigger angle with Goliath.
  3. Is this a known bug?

(Circles/holes away from this edge are OK).

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Hello Koenraad, thanks for your post.
Also in this case we kindly ask you to send us your log file and project at

I’ll do that.

(Removed some text that was ment for another topic).

Is there a set of quality assurance patterns that you have run with each release of the software? Can you share so we can try them to see if it is our local issue?