Another round of bugs & problems

The problems with Slingshot / Goliath just don’t stop.

During my last project, again, some weird behavior showed up.
It seems that the path calculation still has some major problems.

This is Goliath at the premature end of the cutting:

It ended with the red ring of death, but that was probably due to fact that something got stuck in the middle of the suction hose, and Goliath overheated thereafter.

The actual problem is the diagonal cutted line in the middle of the piece. It didn’t show up in Slingshot, Goliath started cutting it in the middle of the pocketing process, from both sides of the already cutted lines.

The problem seems to occur rather randomly, but can completely destroy your workpiece.

Another problem, which occurred twice, is that Goliath sometimes stops milling in the last cutting phase of a path. It leaves out all the tabs and the workpiece is stuck in the panel, with 2 mm depth still to go.

This problem occurred also randomly, so it’s seems difficult to track.

As always, I’m willing to share my project files with you.

But for the last time, please get the path calculation straight :pray:

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Good morning @christianpro90 thank you for your post. We would need to verify your log files and project can you extract them and send them to us following the instructions on the following guide.
How to send.rar (92.9 KB)