April 2021 Project Update

Once Shakespeare sayd “the swiftest hours, as they flew,”

Another month is gone very fast, and we can assure that you never get bored at Springa’s, let’s give a look to last weeks updates:


Sub-assemblies to build the first 200 Goliaths of this first batch are ready and we are already dealing with the supplying of all the components necessary to the assembly of the next batch of Goliaths.
Unfortunately, in the last two weeks we experienced a small delay in some components supply regarding the electronics; so, the assembly completion is taking a little longer than expected, but we are doing our best to deliver your Goliaths as soon as possible.

Logistics & Supply
Alberto, our supply chain manager, is working to optimize the sea freight of the components for the next batches. Some parts are supplied oversea and ensuring a continuous and stable material flow is essential to keep the production line running.

We are working to make the Goliath order-shipping-tracking process faster and more reliable, for these reasons, our next goal is to automatically match orders, transport documents and invoices, with a specific Goliath box in the warehouse


Software update
This month we kept working on improving Slingshot in next version which will be available next week, it will present the following improvements:


  • New connection mode to Goliath, Slingshot can connect directly to it or using a shared
    2.4g WiFi connection.
  • New Goliath’s calibration mode making a cut and the measuring it
  • Dedicated button to raise the splindle


  • Various bug in importing svgs not properly formatted.
  • Corrected GCODE issues, causing Goliath to not raise the bit properly before moving.


  • Added check if spindle protection is opened during the Panel detection wizard and before sending the GCODE to Goliath.

Firmware update
We are also working on a firmware update that will bring several improvements in both Goliath and sensors. We want to give a better user experience In fact, we fixed some issues and bugs to make the machine accuracy trim better. To make easier for you the firmware update procedure we are also creating new video tutorial.


New website and pre-order campaign
As mentioned, we are working on the new website to host our pre-order campaign. It will be online around May 12th.
Site will have an e-commerce section to reserve your Goliath CNC System, downloadable projects, updated FAQs and all the tutorials that will help you to use Goliath at its best.

Goliath CNC Community and case studies
By the end of May we will also put online the forum and some case studies that we have made in recent months in two very interesting realities: a professional school and a yacht design laboratory.

Demo day
Another great activity done this month is a demo day with the team of Würth Italia in one of their shops. We had the opportunity to show the potential of Goliath, make a cutting demonstration and answer all the customers doubts, we are planning for the future new demos, even online to introduce you to Goliath at its best.

That’s all folks! See you on next month update!

All the best,