Bird house project (Support - time to respond)


do anyone know how long the support needs to answer?
whenn do you recommend to ask again?


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Online chat is the quickest way I found. You can raise your query on the forum and Laura does pick and answer.

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i will try it with a post first.

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Hello chab, usually time of answer are pretty fast, but in last days company was closed for holidays, we are sorry for the late replies.

Dear Lucia,

I caught you on vacation.
Everyone need vacation - hope you enjoyed it !!
That of course excuses the delay.
Thank you for the good answer and instructions for solving my problems.

Everything is working as it should now.

Thanks very much


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Wow, your project looks amazing! Would love to see more detailed photos of the cuts and corners!

curves and strait cuts are the shape i wanted.
cutting qualitiy is between perfekt and week, but always ok.
A litte rework will let it be perfect.
I have to learn a lot.
specially to place tabs need experiance.
After a frustrating start to understand the logic behind slingshot it makes fun to work with goliath.

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Excellent work are you using birch plywood?
I am still using mdf so the cut is better (it is just learning and hobby).
Good luck.

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Thanks for sharing. Not bad. It looks like you would have to adjust or the feed rate or use another bit, like a 4fluted bit, to avoid having wood chips remaining, because I believe when the wheels roll over this, at some spots the cuts have indents (not straight lines)

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Perhaps there could be post when Springa office is “on holiday”, so “the forum” know there could be delay in response.
Once you’re used on an excellent feedback, it quickly becomes a “acquired right” feeling :grinning:


@chad, looks great, what is the “final”, hopefully you share a “shot” of it

Dear dst,

it is the first prototye, many things to improve, but i am happy with it…
its a 3 level birdhouse.


yes. 15mm MDF waterproof



That looks stunning. :ok_hand:

That looks great! Great too see such different projects people are taking on.

That is! I used to have chips and couldnt understand why lines sometimes where not perfectly straight.
Gonna try another bit. Thanks

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Hi chab,
congratulation for the nice project.

I’m moving this topic into Gallery since the Springa support already answered at your first topic and here you shared a nice proect.

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