BUG - Z-Height Riase Ignoring Limit

Several times I’ve had my Goliath raise the Z-axis and clearly go past its limit, causing a few clicks of the mechanism before it stops.

I’ve had this done during some automatic moves as well as when using the “raise Z-Axis” button in Slingshot.

Machine is working fine otherwise, and this doesn’t seem to be consistent.

Happy to work with support on this and provide details as requested.

Hi, thank you very much for the report, you wouldn’t happen to have a video showing the phenomenon?
If so could you kindly send it to us at support@spring.tech?

Hi @Troy
I have noticed a couple of times .
I think the zaxis limit switch is not like a contact switch but sort of pressure limiter.( you can do air carving by holding the router while it tries to zero while going down and the resistance will indicate the router reached bottom and registers the distance.) I think it is same for zaxis going up and reaches all the way up till the resistance is reached. I dont think it will cause any damage.