Can no longer connect to Goliath WiFi

I initially setup my WiFi with my desktop computer and connected to the Goliath WiFi no problem…Now it does not work and I get a Windows Message that says the WiFi type uses an “older security standard that is being phased out”…I think this may be following a Windows 10 update. Link to windows reference page below.
Windows deprecated Wifi Link: Wi-Fi network not secure in Windows

I then tried to install the WiFi connection on my Laptop and same Windows message?..I think Springa needs to update WiFi.

Hello Patrick, are you using latest version of Slingshot?

hence my request that a cable connection would be possible, and my surprice that “hidden feature” was somewhere hidden in the footnotes of the kickstarter campaign.

Hello again Patrick, we need some more information.
Are you using a company computer or using Goliath in your office?

Hi Lucia, this has resolved itself this morning. I believe the problem was that my computer workstation was on (and already configured to “connect automatically” with Goliath wifi. So when I attempted to establish a new WiFi connection to my Laptop, Goliath got confused (similar to a Dog facing 2 owners with treats). The curious thing is that even after tuning off the WiFi functionnality on my Desktop, Goliath was still not able to connect to the Laptop. It was only able was after a full shutdown of all and then only start the Laptop and Goliath, BUT it did not connect automatically via Windows 10 WiFi settings, I had to go through Slingshot; open a project and run through the panel detection steps and select the Goliath connection there.
I think there is a sticky cached wifi bug that may need to be looked into, especially for users of multiple computers.

And yes, I verified that all Firmwares and Slingshot are up to date.


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I am having the same issue and have not been able to work around it. Slingshot is up to date. Please advise.

Hi Mike are you still having issue with the Wi-Fi connection?

I got some emails from Goliath support and was able to resolve the issues.

There was a sequential connection/update bug. Once I downloaded and implemented the new 2.0 beta, the process was smooth as silk.

Thanks for the follow up.


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