Can someone reply to my support request?

I have emailed twice now. No response. I cant download firmware. Its not cutting right. The pins are broken. Getting frustrated.

They may be on holiday. try 630-519-1910 that is the usa contact.

they are slow to respond. when I first received mine it would double cut and would stop all the time
Turns out we had a bad tower.

The pins you talk about are the dust cover pins? mine do not stick out far enough so i used foil taped across them. if you use it without the dust cover sawdust will be everywhere. it took 2 months to get mine working correctly, after wait 3 months to get it. when it works it is real cool, but it can drive you mad when not working. i still have issues with it saying it lost tower signal or tower software out of date. i just overwrite the update everytime if say it.
I still have not received the 2nd bit I paid for when I bout this thing in May 2023

i assume you are using this email address.

If i had it to do over i would not buy it , i would use adremel and save $4,000. Thing is not ready for retail sales it is still a kick start trail…
Good luck