Cannot 'Send to Goliath'

Ok, so I’ve set-up a project, did the panel detection (connected through Goliath’s wifi), generated gCode and yet I cannot ‘Send to Goliath’. The button is greyed/blacked out. I’ve tried restarting Goliath, I’ve checked that my firmware is up-to-date (it is) and still nothing. I’ve wasted SO much time just trying to get a simple cut. Please help.


hy Jason, maybe Slingshot require an extension plane for your project? Should appeare a transparence extension on board of panel that have a little square that needs to be ticked

Hi GianniG04,

It turns out you are exactly right! Funny, someone else on the forum mentioned a “button” they didn’t see that needed to be clicked. I use a laptop when accessing Slingshot. Strangely, the extension board option (in red) is quite small and hidden at the top of the interface (in my set-up); I needed to keep scrolling and then zoom in to see it. Obviously, my bad but I think the UI designers at Springa should consider placing an alert at the center of the screen where most of the instructions are focused; I bascially had no information telling me what was wrong/incomplete in order to proceed.

Thank you for your response.


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Hi Jason_by_design,
thank you for the feedback we will definitely evaluate it!

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