Can't update Tower firmware

Ok, trying to remain calm…

So I haven’t used my Goliath in a while. I fired it up and then was hit with a bunch of firmware update prompts. It looks like I was able to update the firmware on Goliath but I cannot for the life of me get the towers to update their firmware. I get to the COM Port selection field but it is empty. Refresh COM Ports does nothing. I jumped over to the link for the COM port drivers, downloaded and restarted my laptop. Again, nothing. I really need to get some work done. I feel like this machine has been more trouble than it’s worth (starting back in the Kickstarter days). That said, I will try and remain patient and hopefully someone from either the community or Springa will lend a hand.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Jason,
what firmware version is installed on your Towers?
When you connect the sensor to the computer, does the battery LED light up?
Does Windows recognize the device?
What computer you are using?

Hi Davide,

I appreciate the quick response. Apologies for my late response as I was pulled into another project. I can’t fully confirm but I think I’ve discovered the issue - it appears only one of the two USB cables is fully functional. I updated the latest Slingshot and then attempted to update my tower firmware. To my surprise, the COM port appeared once I refreshed. I then plugged in the second tower and wasn’t able to connect to the tower (no audible confirmation ding). I then switched cables and PRESTO, the COM port appeared. I will attempt a test project tomorrow to see if all is right. Fingers crossed! I will follow-up on this thread to let you and other folks know.

Thanks again (and btw, I like the new Slingshot update).


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