Community guidelines, rules and FAQ

Hello everyone!

This community is like a project, respecting parameters is crucial to make all working properly, reason why in this post you will find useful guidelines and rules to don’t get off the path:

Community Guidelines

Guideline number 1: Keep an eye on latest post
Before posting take a look to latest topic, to be sure there isn’t already an open discussion on your subject of interest. If so, answer to it there.

Guideline number 2: Be descriptive for new topics titles
Try to give in your titles a short summary of your problem, in order to receive a better response to your posts. Don’t use post subjects like “I have a question” or “Help me”.

Guideline number 3: Say hello to new community members
Welcome the new forum’s members, help them to undestand the game rules, to find information, discover some tip&tricks, and how to get involved. New folk will really appreciate that.

Community rules

Rule number 1: Spam or advertising are forbidden
Not requested advertisement for products, other web sites, post with not pertinent content are not permitted.
Avoid Spam the forums or sending massive PM promoting your site, business or product etc.

Rule number 2: Think twice before you write
Respect for other members is crucial, won’t be tolerated posts meant to hurt, offend or flame any other member or not member including racist remarks, also use vulgar language, obscene images and messages are not permitted.

Rule number 3: Sharing is caring
Avoid to send PM asking for help to other members, If you are in doubt, start a new discussion in the correct category, so the community can band together to help and learn something new.

Rule number 4: Everything in right place
Do not post in more than a category the same question, if some topic don’t fit to any other category post it in “Uncategorized”

Community FAQ

Can I create more than one account?
There is no need to have more than one in this community, furthermore, to members banned from the forums is not permitted to create a new account. Continue creation of new accounts after ban will result in blocking your IP address from the community.

What happens if I don’t abide by the rules?
Breaking a rule means you will be warned or banned. Ban of your account in a temporary or permanent way. We reserve the right, if necessary, to delete, edit or close any discussion or post without prior warning.

What should I do if I notice contributions that violate Community guidelines or rules?
Is always necessary report post or discussions that violate the guidelines and rules, we will take action on the signalation as soon as possible.

Thanks for the attention

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