Crate for Goliath and accessories

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone has already created an *.svg for a plywood container/box where Goliath and all it’s accessories will fit in when stored and transported.

The handles of the cardboard box it came in are destroyed in shipping.

Would be a nice first project!



Created with my table saw, not SVG, only the logo. I used the foam of the original package.


That looks great man!
All mitered corners?

The wheels are a must have too.
I’ve been thinking about retractable wheels and maybe adding the spoilboard into the cart design as well.

I’ll start looking for the 3D models of the Goliath and accessories.
Keep you posted!

Goliath website in projects section has svg file to cut Goliath storage box, I cut one using that file and 4x8ft sheets of 1/2in plywood. I started putting together, I used Sanded ply $60 at Home Depot, it’s not the best quality, use birch cabinet grade ply because it will match ply used in Europe.

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