Curves imported outside the canva size

I am starting to use Slingshot.
I have just imported a file from CATIA into Inkscape and managed to close all curves.
but when I imported the file into Slingshot, all the tracks were imported with an X coordinate of about 4.000.000 mm (4 million mm).
I could modify the x coordinate manually but i have 120 tracks and they need to be centered with respect to each other. If I multi-select them, there is no possibility to modify the x coordinate for all the tracks.

The corresponding coordinates in Inkscape are normal…

If anybpdy can help me, I can send you the file by email.
I speak french and german.
Thank you and have a fruitful week!

I guess you need to size in inkscape (tutorial available) then make sure its dimensions are small like on A4 size ( you can always enlarge them). In inkspace check if any unwanted curves removed. select the objects to see if they are to your satisfaction ( sometimes when you move them you may see unwanted curves)
I am not an expert but would like to go at it if you could send me svg file.

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Thank you for your interest.
I did the resizing but it still does not work.
This is not the case of all the files that I import.
I shall send you the file by private message.
Thanks again

Hello Phoenus, could you please send us your svg file to
We will make some tests and let you know which could be the problem.