Cutting bits and collet

What kind of cutting bits do you recomment to use?
What is the maxum lenght of cutting bits to use?
What is the max cutting diameter to use?
Can we use different sizes of collets and which brand is compatible?

The collet mounted on the Goliath is an ER11 so it can accommodate router bits up to 8mm in diameter and 22mm in lenght.
On this verion of Goliath is not possible to change the collet installed.
Machine comes with an up-cutting router bit but is possible to use also down-cutting type. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Luca
Understood ER11 collet
What diameter does the collet have? What shaft diameter for the router bit?
8mm lenght?!!! You do mean 80mm of the total router bit?
The router bit itself is not allowed to have mire than 7mm cutting diameter, did I got that correct?

Thanks Thomas

Hi, sorry for my typo, I meant 8mm in diameter and 58mm in length.
It is because of the capacity of the ER11 collet supplied with Goliath, which has a diameter of 6mm.

Thanks Lucia,

for the lenght. 22mm is a little short for the whole bit.
What is the max bit lenght (expect something about 80mm)
See an example of a bit attached. Could you tell me what the max GL lenght would be.

What we know for now.
D3 = 6mm
D1 = 8mm or smaller

Hi! you are right, 22mm is the leght of part of shank inside the collet, the external part can be a maximum of 58mm.

Thanks Lucia
So we can use 80mm milling bits.