Error after upgrade

Hello, after install new version today, i cant connect with the second tower, the slingshot program dont show the next button. how ca i fix it

I am not with support, but i wonder if the next button is off the screen at the bottom? Mine did that.


Hi, the problem you are experiencing may be related to a connection bug in the latest software version of Slingshot. An update will be released this week which will resolve the issue. In the meantime we are contacting you privately to ask for some additional information.

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I’m not sure if these images/pictures will show up.
After multiple trials and messages like this I was able to connect Goliath with both towers and to WiFi network using either of the 3 connection options.
There’s definitely glitch in software plus outdated security WiFi protocol .
Although I am using full 4x8ft sheet of 1/2in plywood to make Goliath storage box with file downloaded from Springa websites it still positioned itself off the sheet plus when I click jog it tells me Goliath needs additional 40cm around itself to move safely across the whole sheet of plywood
Not good at all, it’s little cumbersome since there are 2 cutting files for all the parts to the Goliath storage box and both total take less than full sheet of plywood to cut all the parts meaning it requires roughly 48in+16in=64in and 96in+16in=112in of material to move safely so all the part could be cut.
It took me 2 evenings to get to this point, I need another evening to figure out how to center the parts so they stay within canvas while being cut.

We confirm that there is a connection bug in the latest version of Slingshot but a software update will be released on Friday which will resolve the issue,

As for the panel extensions, they are necessary when Goliath doesn’t have enough wiggle room. On the project page there are all the indications both on the size of the panel on which to perform the work and the need to insert panel extensions.

The extensions are not only needed to allow Goliath to cut right to the edge of the panel, but also to increase the accuracy of the cut, as Goliath will not have to change orientation frequently during the machining process.

Positioning the design in the centre of the sheet is quite simple, just select the whole design and move it over the surface:


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i have the same problem.
In the new update, all Tabs lose.
I have resize the Canvas, but the problem is the same.

Good morning, thank you for your post, actually in your case it is a problem related to the project you uploaded to our site, which is no longer suitable for the latest released version of the software, specifically the changes we made regarding the insertion of tabs, to solve this simply remove all the tabs and reinsert them manually.

So all projects uploaded to the site prior to the release may have this problem.

For your convenience, we upload the correct project for the current software version here:

GBox Easy 10 (466.1 KB)

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