Error slingshot download with serial number

i am always getting the same message when i am trying to download slingshot after i put all the serials number of the robot and the 2 tower (error, wrong informations)

so i can’t get slingshot, i could only have access to the demo

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I am having the same issue. Currently unable to do anything because cannot get past the download form.

We have encountered some issues with the recognition of some serial numbers from the website. We will fix this as soon as possible. In the meantime, we are writing you an email to fix the problem and download the software :slight_smile:

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same thing here…. i can‘t download the software

Hi guys, I made a test with the serial numbers you shared by message with us, and it worked!
Did you try again? Please keep us updated, thanks

Just got bit by this issue as well. :frowning:

Hopefully a response will come quick! 3 years and a month of waiting to be stuck not being able to download. Argh…

Hello there, could you please send us by private message your serial codes and the email you’ve used to purchase Goliath? We need to make some tests.

I sent an email to yesterday but no reply.

I don’t seem to be able to find the direct message option for you in the forum.

I really hope I don’t have to go the weekend without being able to use the new toy. :frowning:

Hello, on Friday we’ve sent you the link to donwload directly the software, did you received it? We would also like to ask for your feedback on this morning’s email. Have you managed to download it by entering the correct serial numbers?

I did not get any email on Friday but I did get one today and I will be trying it out in a minute.


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I was able to download thank you. It seems the serial number on the side of the box isn’t actually the serial but rather a system number (despite that the sticker actually says serial N).

Once I used the serial number provided in the email this morning I was able to download. Thanks team!

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Hello, I am one of the early birds and I am having trouble downloading the last version of slinghsot. It’s been a while since I downloaded slinghsot. Can you help me?

Specifically should I type ‘G1-EXXXXXX’ or ‘G1-/EXXXXXX’ on my label I have a space in the format of the serial ‘G1- EXXXXXX’

Thank you,


When I did it I had to use G1-U/xxxxx

Hope that helps while you await support. :slight_smile:


Thank you, but I tried both !

It was a space problem, I have spaces in my serials that I am not supposed to remove contrary to what is written above the serial fields on the website…


Same here, can’t download software, serial numbers not recognized.

This is amazing Aug 2021, to May 2023, and the same error still happening. What did I buy and from who.? A simple issue like downing the software is a major deal? I do not understand the serial number verification reasoning, but make it work for the love of tempers. I only waited a little over 2 months. When it arrived the extras, I ordered were not in the box. Now I cannot download the software to learn to use the thing on a weekend. The lack of attention to deals with this group is making me worried about forking out over 4 grand.