Fireware wont download using update tool

Hey, trying to use my gokliath for the first time. needs firmware update. however the update tool is not doing anything.

I have an option to load from file, however cant seem to find a download.

Anyone else have this issue?

Hi skeene,
can you please confirm to be connected to the internet while doing the firmware update?

please let us know.

I too am having this issue. During panel detection, I am prompted to update the firmware. The update tool tells me to shutdown slingshot and use the usb. When I do it kicks me out and there is no download. Please advise.


Thanks for getting back to me. Yes im connected to the internet. Just doesnt do anything. There is an option to load from file. Why dont you just have a download area to do this? This is one of many issues im having with this machine. I have contacted support 2 times now with no reply.

Hi skeene, Hi Mike,
did you managed to update the firmware of your Goliath?

Let me know!