Firmware: 1.0.10, 1.0.12, 1.0.14?

I received my Goliath a little over a month ago. When it arrived, I ran the firmware update tool on the Goliath and both sensors. All devices reported having firmware 1.0.12, and the upgrade tool reported the latest available via the Internet was 1.0.10. I assumed that my Goliath was shipped with the latest firmware that was so recent it hadn’t even made it to the website yet.

Yesterday I tried my first cut with the test pattern. On my first attempt, it almost got to the end of the first pass on the outline, and stopped, “sensor 2 disconnect.” Second attempt got halfway through the second pass, with the same failure.

I again ran the firmware tool, and got some different results. The tool reported the latest firmware for Goliath was 1.0.10, same as last time, and I did not opt to downgrade. However, for sensor 2, it reported the latest was 1.0.14. I ran the update, and when the sensor rebooted, it claimed to be running 1.0.10, which didn’t make any sense.

However, when I re-attempted the test cut, it made it all the way through flawlessly. Also, while I haven’t had any disconnect problems with sensor 1, the Goliath G-code monitor screen always shows it as being low battery 0% despite being freshly charged.

Maybe firmware 1.0.12 on the sensors ought to be downgraded?

Hello, thanks for your post.
The issue you are experiencing is not due to the version of your firmware, there is a bug in the August update of Slingshot which will be solved with next release coming out this week.