First Commission with my robot: "Neon" Sign

Cut this fella with 1/2" plexi. Turned out great, slight mix up with the layers getting out of order once I tried to cut it but it ended up ok. I’d put more pictures but the forum says I can’t haha.


Looks great did you use 6mm bit ar smaller?
Well done :ok_hand:

Awesome cut!

Love the lighting. Nicely done.


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6mm bit. I got a whole bunch of them from amazon. Just about perfect for the neon rope (which is 6mm). It was tricky to figure out how to get it to cut the plexiglass since theres not a lot of documentation. I went with a 3 on the router and very slow on the feed speed (around 200 I think) the only problem was that the layers I meant to cut got out of order so it cut the outline last T_T If plexiglass wasn’t insanely expensive I’d definitely make another for fun!

How did you cut de inside depth (lower I guess) and then outside cut on the same project?
Can you please give the mill Amazon link?


This is what I’m interested in doing. Do you have any more tips? I want to tackle marquee letters too.

Can you post a link to the amazon bit you bought for this project @Grant please?