First Projects Signage and Wall Art

I’ve had a couple of successful first projects. It’s been interesting to learn what the Goliath machine is good at. I’ve had success with signage and a crow wall art cut out. I had success with a chair for my toddler. Oddly, I have had issues with making simple items, like a repeat circle cut. I’ve found that the machine does compound errors from running over cut tracks. It would be great to be able to set the order of cuts and machine orientation to let it “write” from left to right, etc. to not run over cut tracks.



Wow! Those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Who said goliath can’t cut? It is superb work. Did you the art work in inkscape?

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I do all of my drawing in AutoCAD and then convert to svg using InkScape

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The other day when goliath lost its track(my fault as the board not fixed properly) I tried to move into the correct positon while cutting - could do a bit but overall it was a disaster to the art work.
I noticed that goliath would do the projects on soft wood like mdf easy but if the wood is tough then it need a good bit and slower feed rates I think as the lateral forces can change the direcion ever so slightly resulting in dimension error.
I am not a professional but this is my view.

You’ve managed to get a lot further than me. Well done.


And another project today, a sign for my friend’s BBQ business. I definitely need to get some other bits to try out, V groove, as the 6mm isn’t the best for lettering. I’m very happy with the long straight parallel lines though!


It looks fantastic. I’m jealous.

How have you found dimensional accuracy?

Hello Tom! Your work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes:
About question of being able to choose the order in which work the tracks, we are already working on this and expect to release this feature early next year.

I did this test cut for accuracy testing. Each square is 6"x6" and the cuts are within 1/16". You can see a bit of gap in where the two pieces puzzle together, and the circle that fit into the hole needed some forcing. I have found that larger pieces are more accurate than small items. These were cut at 1000/min feedrate.


Finished crow.

That’s superb. I haven’t managed anywhere near that level of accuracy. What concerns me is I’ve been cutting the same file again and again and I’ve had a different result each time.

Hey that look very good .
You are right about the gap in the bottom circle. I found it extremely difficult to align the puzzel pieces. The right top border of the lower panel if sanded a bit the lower circle may fit more accurately. If the tower are not fixed at right the error can occur. Moreover if the spindle speed is more the cut will be smooth-I guess.

In the picture below the holes are more are less parallel but the border is not as my towers were at an angle.

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