Goliath Aternative: Cubio X


The recent listing in Kickstater for the Cubio X looks interesting.


They have a novel drive mechanism that appears to be belt driven. My guess is that the extents of the device travel is tied to distance between opposing corners. It would seem, positioning is achieved with a motor winding in or winding out the cord distance to travel along a line to be cut.

Also their approach is interesting. As mentioned in their project description.

We don’t reinvent the wheel. Your preferred CAD/CAM software must generate universal G-code files, accepted by Cubiio X. For beginners, we recommend Onshape for designing and LaserWeb/CNCWeb with full features to get you started on your CNC journey.

  • converting DXF/SVG/BITMAP/JPG/PNG files to G-code;
  • simulating tool trajectories and estimating the time;
  • connecting and controlling your Cubiio X.

This is certainly more in line with your thoughts. As for the merits of design there are some questions. They are certainly on the correct direction.

How far have you gotten with understanding the Goliath?


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That looks super interesting, thanks!

Honestly my Goliath is in a bin, and I take a look here occasionally to see what’s new and if major improvements have been made to the workflows and software.

Currently I have shifted my workflows to largely laser (which has no issues), but I really need to get back to CNC as the laser can’t (easily/accurately) do things like pocketing.


I hear you from your standpoint about the Goliath CNC.

MY guess is that the company grew from a novel idea and a computer programmer along the way. Unfortunately, most projects like this require an infusion of better resources and insight into the application that they wedded to.

Your comments about CNC native editors are not well liked or appreciated by effort behind the Goliath CNC. But then again this was something intended for the artisan and not a hard core engineer.

Take a look at the Maslow 4 - The next generation of Maslow - Technical Details - Maslow CNC Forums. Now this is coming very closely to what The Goliath had going for it. My guess is a little time and some Python one could put mecanum ( see mecanum wheels - Google Search) wheels on such a platform.

What sort of things are you up to these days?


This is very good - thanks for sharing!

See, this is how this sort of thing should work - iterative design, open source, etc. :slight_smile:

in designing a project like this, sure, there’s tradeoffs between usability and skill levels. I don’t need all options, but let’s have the base software and firmware work as well as it can at a minimum.