Goliath CNC Workflow Tutorial

Hello Goliers!
Have you already taken a look to our last tutorial?

This video could be the “Holy Grail” of every check-list lover!
It shows all Goliath’s workflow, from the first steps for the machine set up, to the project cut.

Having a global vision of all process means reduce significantly margin of error allowing you to go straight to the point: making your great ideas tangible! :hammer_and_wrench:

You will see all phases to get ready for trimming, including for example the import of your designs in Slingshot, adjust of cutting parameters and set mill bit options, connection of Slingshot to Goliath, panel detection procedure and all other steps to follow until the production of the project you want to create.

Now, stop with speechs and let’s start discuss!

Have you already put to the test whole workflow with your own Goliath CNC?
Did you find this tutorial useful?
What would you do to make it better? :exploding_head:

All the best

Hi Lorenzo the tutorial is very useful but the soundtrack is annoying and could not concentrate had to mute it.
I am a hobbyist and learning, appreciate if you could publish svg files of some successful projects.

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Hello there, is possible to download svg of our works in project section of website :slight_smile:

If it worked like that, I’d be very happy.

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Hello there, we will give you all the tools to enable you to do so. As soon as you have sent us the log and project files, we will work on identifying the cause of the problems you are experiencing.

I look forward to it.

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Hi Lucia.

You’ve received the logo and progress files. Any news of the tools you mentioned?

Hello Goldfinger, sorry for the late reply, guys of technical team are analyzing files you’ve kindly sent to us. In addition, when your Goliath returns to us, we will be able to test it directly.