Goliath direction of cut

Hi everybody
i’m having a lot of problem with having a good and precise rectangles and squares cut.
i’m feeling like i find the right parameters: feedrate 900, plunge 300, depth 1.5, speed 3 (BIT 3mm)
(BIT 6mm)
but i have problem to have the same accuracy when the goliath are going in different direction
i show in the picture what i mean

the blue arrows are showing the direction of the goliath

the picture show the test in a laminate panel but i have the same problem with plywood
also with long work the cut make a lot of dust and clog the vacuum entrance

In conclusion I find however that is very difficult to make a clean and precise cut regardless of the direction.

anybody have the same problem?


Hello! I had the same issues… Pls let me know if something comes up! It seems absurd to me that cutting problems derive from the direction of Goliath’s movement. It would mean that, since it’s not possible to intervene on the gcode, each cut could turn out either good or bad, randomly