Goliath doesn't react to any command

Hi, I’ve just received the Goliath and tried to use it.

Slingshot tells me that Goliath and towers are connected, but unfortunately, I have the impression that Goliath doesn’t react to any commands at all. Here are two examples:

  1. in the Jog Mode set on “manual” Goliath doesn’t ‘unblock’ the wheels allowing me to move it.

  2. when I send the G-Code to Goliath, the machine doesn’t lift the Z-axis, start moving/cutting, or do anything at all…

I’ve watched all the tutorials many times and followed the instructions step by step but nothing changed. What can I do?

Should I try to update the Firmware? I did not find any Instructions/tutorials on your website on how to do it…

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Hi Stefano, please find below the link to our guide on how to update the firmware

Let us know if the problem persists

@Stefano keep us posted. Any info on the fix should be good for the community. I thought the Goliath went past beta testing already?

Sometimes you need to repeat the process a few times. I had problem with jog mode and resadjusted the cut on the canvas and ready for calculate path then it says this…

Repeated twice then it worked.- jog bug.

Hello, could you please send us at info@springa.tech your log file and project, so we can make some test?

Hi Lucia,
I am happy to send the log file, but it is working now and the log might have been changed and you may be solving so many other problems and I do not want to inundate your team with loads of logs to go through.
My solution is to redo the process and goliath will find a way to solve.
The jog mode does work well but I only use in manual mode as my work area has lot of obsticles and I want goliath to stay only near the cutting art work- hence I move the art work after exiting the jog mode, probably it is too much and send an error code. But it worked after a couple of times. ( I lost the art work changes and had to repeat them each time.)
Learning point is to save by using save icon on the top before going on jog mode.


You are a real asset to the community!

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I had this same issue when using my wifi (even though it joined fine). I changed to the Goliath native adhoc wifi and it then showed as moving on the screen.

I then had continual issues getting the towers to sync with Goliath when using my wifi so I am simply using adhoc to Goliath for now. I use Ubiquiti AP AC Pro and AC HD access points.

I suspect the older IP stack and security features of the Goliath wifi software are partly to blame for communication issues although I haven’t tried to capture any of the traffic.