Goliath Helper to build a theatre Set

Hi there

I am the Head of Stage and Automation at Curve theatre in Leicester. We are excitedly awaiting the Arrival of our Goliath to build a Theatre Set for our Christmas show

I am putting the Feelers out for anyone WITH a Goliath to bring it along to the Workshop here at Curve to give us some basic training before we receive ours.

I look forward to your reply and look forward to working along side yourself and your goliath.



Hey James, I’m the TD at Bucks County Playhouse and have been using a Goliath in my shop for the past two years to help me in building scenery. I can help you out with some training or q&a trouble shooting if you like. A few things I have learned from my projects:

  1. I have stock set up material, 300mm by 1219mm that I set the towers on and then put my 4x8 sheet good up next to. This keeps the machine away from the towers and helps with repeatability. You can cut a 4x8 sheet, remove it and then set up the next one without moving the towers. I swap out the “foot board” to match whatever material I am cutting with.

  2. Some materials work better than others, lauan and plywood cut very well. MDF, does not, it is too slick, I recommend either cutting a plywood piece and then using it as a jig for MDF or put a later or 1/8" ply on top the MDF and have the goliath cut through it, which allows for grip. This trick helps with slick surfaces.

  3. Adjust your parameters to meet your needs. If you are making something where accuracy is less important, the stock settings work well. If it needs to be as precise as possible, lower the speed and depth per pass. If the first pass goes well, the others will go well.

  4. Congratulations, you never have to cut stairs again.

Hello! Any feedback about your project? How it works? It work right? I would create a big free forms for a school representation.

Can you advice some precaution to work a big panels? Have you encountered any difficulties or inaccuracies?