Goliath Mobile wheeled case cut from plywood sheet

The other day while cruizing around on the internet I had seen a very clever wooden mobile case for the Goliath CNC. Has anyone else observed this? Please let me know since I am searching for that link and possible plans if possible.

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Already ask for it but still not on Project page…

Hello Benny, project will be loaded on our webiste very soon! :slight_smile:

Ok downloaded the files for this baby and can’t wait to start cutting. One big favor is can you share a screen shot of the file in slingshot so i know if the layers should be inside, outside, fill, cut depth etc? that would help a lot.

Yes of course, we’ll share as soon as possible the information regarding the cut properties to be assigned to each track. We’ll update you soon!

Dear @sapphirecreative, now when you download the project you’ll find in the .zip file a folder named “GBox_Slingshot Project.zip”: you can import this folder directly into Slingshot, by clicking “Import” on the homepage. This way you’ll see the project with all parameters set directly into your Slingshot! Just check you have the correct milling bit. Enjoy!

awesomeeeee!! thanks that makes it easy :smiley:

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hey … so one problem… when i import the zip it only gives me the GBox - t1 file but it does not include the GBox - t2 file… is it possible to add that one as well?

the gbox-t2 will be in the next canvas. check on canvas and select next one through forward arrow.
i dont know what operation to use inside outside or on the line for the 6mm bit with a depth of board as 10mm?
has any one replicate the box?

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Hi all, first ever post :smiley:

I’m at the stage in this where I’m ready to calculate the path and I get errors stating that basically all of the inside path tracks need tabs. I can’t get it to add tabs. I’ve zoomed way in and clicked almost every pixel and it won’t place a tab circle.


Ok I just figured that out hehe. Thanks for the zip mentioned above.

On sheet 1 there are two dog bone shaped tracks that are asking for tabs but won’t accept tabs.

I’ve set them to every option in the menu and it still errors.
Slingshot version and Goliath firmware 1.1.0

Hello Dusty, we are sending you a private message so we can give you support. :slight_smile:

The tab function activate only if the cut depth is equal to the thickness of material I guess.

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Ok I figured it out :smiley:

Just had to set the cut depth to 0.1mm shallower than the thickness of the plywood and then Slingshot wouldn’t insist on a tab in a path that is too short for a tab. For example the slots in the Goliath Wheeled Box project. I just finished the cut and it’s looking good.


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Post some pictures on gallery please.

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pictures would be awesome! How did you find the precision of cuts?

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Ok folks, here are some photos :smiley:.

I was wondering why some tabs looked too short then realized I made a mistake! No harm done but I set the pockets to cut all the way through the sheet.


I used 3/8 plywood that is about 9-9.5mm so all the slots are a bit loose. About 1mm tighter/thinner would have been better for my out of spec plywood.

I bought hardware that is also not to the exact spec so just removed the holes for the hinges and latches then will cut mark and drill normally to install.

I haven’t found a great CAD program for my iPad yet but want to find one so I can make more edits to the .svg to compensate for different material availability in my location.

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I found the precision very good. One lesson learned was to slow the feed rate for the slots….that I should have cut as a pocket :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I noticed the slots were a bit off. The ends of the slots were not very square, not including the roundness of the bit. I think it was the lateral forces of the bit as Goliath changed direction. Slowing the feed rate should take care of this problem.