Goliath Tower LED light - ergonomic

Goliath Tower LED postion

It’s recommend (by Springa) to use teh ground -floor as worksurface, but
like the lights of the tower are now directed downward it’s hard to seen which status is showed when you are standing up (nearby).
I have placed my laptop on a table just next beside the wood floor.
The indicator of battery is complete invisible.

Is there a reason why the led’s, tower status and charging status, are on the backside of the towers, facing downwards?
I guess it would make more sense when they are on the same place as the yellow button,
because this side is facing the work area, or even better on back and front. (and top :grinning:)

For the time being I placed one tower nearby a (white)wall and for the other, added a small plate behind. Will make one of these days a “reflection screens”.

Or is there a better way to make this visible ?

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