Heat Shut down giolitath and other errors

Hello, i dont use the machine for a long time, just made 2 projects, but today, when its needed, the machine is constant shutting down after a few minutes cutting.
The place is not hot and its a open space.

Im cutting 10mm pvc with simple shapes (circles)

Another question: how can set the spindle speed? the spindle head just have by numbers and the specs shows in RPM.

Another issue is the cosntant spindle protection error, sometimes makes me give up on the project because it appends a lot. is there any way to fix it?


Hi @Espacocriativo
The heat could be due to the filter blocking as the plastic dust can clog the pores of the dust extractor you need to clean more often with pvc- i guess.
Make sure the exit fiter on top is removed.
Regarding speeds

Good luck

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Hi, thanks for your post, does Goliath shut down or pause? Does any error message appear on Slingshot?

As for the spindle speed you find below the conversion table:

Lastly about the spindle cage open error, we kindly ask you to check if the pogo pins where the protection should be placed are damaged and if you could please also send us a picture by email to support@springa.tech