Hello...Im here....where are you?

Good morning,

I have been trying to reach anyone in customer service. Ive emailed, called, posted to the forum, but not a single response. Is anyone else having this issue?

Hi Reddot1,
you should have received a respose form the mail support@springa.tech.
Can you please confirm it?

In any case you can find the answer to your request at this post.

Yes… I am as well. Trying to get a copy of the software and am unable to download, find it incredibly difficult to contact Springa directly and have had no response from them at all.

What use is the product if I can’t download the OS!

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Hi JLightbown,
As explained via mail, to download the software you should type the serial number of Goliath which is the one with the G that can be found on the label on the side of Goliath.

For example G1-E/000001 for Europe or G1-U/000001 for USA and Canada.

You have typed the serial number with the S.