Help pls how make tabs

Good day!
Pls need help how make tabs
If you have intstructions its will be good.
I import svg file to Galiath soft and pust TABS and nothing.
Wneh i see your projects i see your tabs like a circle in projects. Plz need hel how made it.
If you link me video instructions wiil good. Thank you.

Hi @ Ruslan
Tab function is a bit of hit and miss. You can apply tabs only if the cut depth is equal or more than the thickness of the material then the track list will have a red triangle to show the track won’t cut - you activate the tab icon on the top right after sellecting the track. You have to place the tabs where ever is stragetic, if you make a mistake you have to delete all the tabs by sellecting the track and right click and delete tabs.
When done press tab icon to come out of it.
It is all in the tutorial video but can easily be missed.
There is no way to change the depth of tabs.
I would cut depth just 0.5mm less and you can cut it easy by hand. (Avoiding tabs)
I found the cut line has to be minimum 30mm for tabs to put on and on curved lines probably longer.
Good luck.

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Ok thanks i will try it

Just playing with the settings- I made a free hand rectangle by draw tool and checked.
1 the minimum distance to be more than 40mm(for a 3mm bit)
2 it works on all type of cut -online,inside,outside and pocket.
3 it takes some time to register the tabs depending on the speed of your computer and how many tracks are present- I guess.
I could not get it working on my hedgehog project so thought it wouldn’t work on outside cut(sorry my fault)
Good luck.

Thanks to everyone on the forum-I have now been able to place tabs in Slingshot and position them where I like, however, in my cuts today, the tabs did not appear in the cuts and the goliath seemed to have still blown right past them. I am going to try again and see if I am setting the depths too far or other trial and error. Has anyone had success with tabs? Tips? What am I missing? I may just have the depths inaccurate.

Is the thickness set in Slinshot the actual thickness of the plate. Because the tabs result in cut minus 0,5 mm of the plate thickness set in SS, any deviation of plate thickness seems as an error.
In case there is track on the background plate you can try to change the value in SS to a “tinner” plate thickness.

Suffering also with tabs.
Sometimes I’m able to set tabs, YELLOW dots but when I re-open teh project the tabs (yellow dots) are gone. Before editing the project again I can see GREEN dots at the place where I set the tabs, but when I edit the project, the green dots disapper.
Even worse, I can’t SET the tabs again, which is quite annoying.
I had sent my project to Springa support, and they suggested as workaround to set the depth at plate thickness minus 0,2 mm, so Goliath have no need for tabs because there is NO cut through.
This can be a workaround for now, but I hope there will a better solution on short notice.

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Very frustrating to see all the difficulties on this forum with this cnc router. I am hopeful and positive, however, if we put the willingness to make Goliath work on the side for a second and be totally realistic, we can draw lines by hand on a piece of plywood and cut it out perfectly with an electric jigsaw, probably from start to finish in 20 minutes. That is the truth. This machine is supposed to be helpful in doing accurate cuts, but it seems we are all fighting the system and spend way to much time on fiddling with the software and the machine than the actual cutting, which is also not that quick, compared to manual with a jigsaw. Thoughts?

My thought
On one hand,
I can understand that Goliath and SlingSlot obviously doesn’t meet your expertations
at this moment, and that there still some issues which needs improvements.
But I strongly believe in the concept and I’m very pleased,
from the mechanical point of view, that the quality of the “cuts” are excellent
and that is very promising for the near future.
As far as I can estimate must of the actual issues are related to “software”.
On the other hand,
I think that we must try to provide as much as relevant information via the forum
so we can help each other and give Springa as many as possible “data”
so the people of Springa are able to tackle the issues as fast as possible,
and make us happy with update(-s), which include bugfixes and new functionalities.
At least
But what I don’t understand is that you’re able to provide a better job with “pencil and jigsaw”.
I will never be able to beat the quality of Goliath CNC
and you probally invested in the wrong equipment :sweat_smile: .


Hello Ruslan, thanks for your post, we would like to take a look at your svg file so that we can provide you with support, could you please send it to
Thank you in advance

Hello guys, important changes have been made to the tabs function since January and in particular with the newest Slingshot release, which is why if you haven’t downloaded the latest software version yet, you should do so now!

Please find below a list of the main features:

  • Added function “Auto tab placement”
  • Now Tab sizes can be changed in the editor.
  • Tabs are no longer deleted when changing bit or track options but are adapted to the new size.
  • Tab can now be placed everywhere along full depth tracks
  • Tabs now will be executed only at passes lower than tab thickness