HELP! terrible cuts on 1/2” birch veneer plywood

Any insight or advice on why my Goliath is doing this??

Feed rate and depth are set to default for plywood and I am using the Springa single flute router bit and the router speed is on 6.

Slingshot kept giving me error messages that an incorrect Goliath position was detected.

What should I be doing to make sure I get straight cuts with no jitters?

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I don’t have any experience yet with Goliath (it’s in the box for years now). That said, I have limited experience with routers and bits. Try a double flute bit would be my guess, and lower the speed.

Thank you for the advice. Should I lower the speed of the router bit? or the feed rate of the Goliath? or both?

since I have no experience with Goliath, this is only general advice for handling the bit.
So double flute and lower the rotation speed. Works for my “normal” router.

Thank you! I have a triple flute 1/8” día. bit that i’m going to try out.

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I’ve run in to this exact problem. Sawdust got into the machine and on to the chip up top. Opening up the shell and blowing out the dust on the chip with compressed air fixed it right up. I now do this fairly regularly.

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Thank you for this!! I will be cutting another project tomorrow and will let you know if this works!

Two big screws hidden behind the dust cover, all the other screws are on top, when you pull the front/top metal plate off makes sure to slot it back in correctly.

The dust was the issue!!! Thank you Tom!

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