How Ser Zero point

Hello is there any way to set zero point to Goliath start cutting on that point?

Two things
1 you need to setup the z axis backlash which mean the zaxis will cause a backlash seliect zaxis calibiration in the dashboard and follow the instructions- this is to get exact zaxis to the particular wood I guess.
2 when you send the gcode in slingshot after panel detection - it will ask for zaxis zero you can place nothing under the zaxis or a known thick non compressable material(like the spanner- who’s thickness you know) enter the thickness. 2.1 or 2.3mm
When you press the yellow button the zaxis comes down touches the wood/spanner and registers the height and goes up. You need to remove the spanner and press the yellow button to start cutting.
The gcode will decide where to start cutting automatically. I do not think you can change this. But you can have a rough estimate looking at the goliath poditioning on the production window.
You can always pause by pressing the yellow button.
Or Abort the cut and restart all over again.
There is some thing called hoverboard cutting where the bit will not touch the wood but gives you how it is moving on the board.

Thanks for your reply, the zero point I need is the x and y position where the Goliath will start cutting
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Ok this is promised as well as reorganising travks to cut but the logic of avoiding the tracks as the robot moves preclude this for the time being I think.
I have used alternatives- split your cut on to different canvases and cut the order you want to- can cause unexpected results if the wheels arestuck in the previous tracks.
The robot has to decide best possible way to cut overall.
You can check by running the g-code file from web based software- ncviewer

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