How to import text on Goliath demo version

how do you download text from inkscape to cut shapes and text

type your text in verctorgrafics software and make an pathbased svg file.

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What bit size do you recommend to cut 6cm high letters in 12mm thick mdf?
I tried with the 6mm bit and was not good.

the 6mm Bit works nearly all situations.
Please explain, what wasn’t fine?

come on…
a little bit more explanation.

did you mean cut quality or is it because parts of the text will be destroyed?
logically the bit has to be smaller, than the smalest space between your parts.

or is there any other problem?

You are right the bit is too big for the font. Can I use smaller bits like 3mm? If so how does goliath recognise the size of the bit?

You can define your bis in the Settings-Section (right top the Goliath symbol (left of question mark)
And you have to define the bit for ervery path to work.
Think that you may will need another collet (ER11).

Good luck



Hello there, collet supplied with Goliath(ER11) can support bits from 4 to 6mm, so bits of 3mm are too small.

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