How to reset the tower sensor?

Hi there, while running a job, Tower 2 ran low on battery, stopping the project in the middle. While in this state, the tower froze, and it does not respond to pressing the button on/off for any amount of time. The status LED is solid green, but the base LED near the USB port is blinking red. It does not respond to the Goliath, and I am unable to connect via any configuration. Tower 1 is fine.

I can’t find a fix to reset. Any suggestions? My current plan is to let the battery run out completely, then recharge it. I hope that it will reset it. Does anyone know how to reset without moving the tower from its position? I don’t want to waste the 4’x8’ birch ply to start the project over again. Any ideas for how long the tower battery will last in this frozen state? So far it has been 6 hours with no change.

Thank you.

Hi @heebie I generally connect the usb power to my sensors while cutting and disconnect after the cut.
I had a similar battery fail in the past.
Don’t worry if you can connect power usb to the tower and restart your project. you can delete the tracks already cut.
As long as you do not change the position of the towers you can start the project again, the first cuts will be on the previous path - should not make any difference except time.
I have aborted the project in the middle and restarted with out wasting the wood.
Are you using latest firmware for goliath and tower sensors?
Ps you can move the goliath when tirned off but when you start it will find the starting point.
Please post us some pictures.
Good luck

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@heebie You can turn the tower sensor off by holding down the button for about 10 seconds.

Thank you for the suggestions. Running the battery down did the trick, and the sensor tower unfroze and reset. (It was unresponsive to holding the button down 10 secs.) Both towers are now updated with the latest firmware.

The cut turned out okay. The machine did re-cut the original track for the most part, but it kept stopping due to “obstacles in path.” This was impossible, as the machine was unobstructed running safely in my garage. But, I think what happened was that the wheels kept getting stuck in another track, which introduced enough vibratations to the sensor guide wires the goliath thought it was hitting something. I also think the curved plywood sheet may have been bouncing a bit. I’ll have to find a way do weight it down next time.

The final shape has a few wobbles in it, but overall it was a great first attempt. Will post pictures when I finish the project. Thank you!


I keep a brad gun handy to nail down all cuts and/or off cuts to keep it from getting stuck after a cut, helps with curved plywood. How flat your work piece is has a big impact.


I hope it works for me. Just received Goliath back, after 3 week. it was received with a bad tower. they fixed it and sent it back to me. did two test circles worked great. changed plywood, was setting upto cut out a tree sensor not detected, then said need update. will mot update or connect waiting for batter to drain down to see it it resets. held yellow button for 10, 20, 30, no responce… four months since I purchased it and it has not completed one project and only cut out 2 circles from 1/4 plywood…

how long did it take for the battery to die? I am at 5 hours waiting for it to die. I know it nearly fully charged.