Impossible to send gcode to goliath/ solve thanks

The button “send gcode to goliath” is grey and become not yellow.

impossible for me to find the problem.

6 hours work to find the problem… but always the same please help!

My bet is on connectivity problems.
Check if goliath wifi is connected (which may have limited internet connection)
Your panel detection was complete which means slinging is connected to goliath. But the connection may be lost(happened to me)
Check the lights on the slingshot screen are green(wifi and towers) also the leds on goliath green
Is the jog mode working?
Is the bit name has no errors like bit 3 / 8 " ( " is not accepted ) if you change the name of bit keep it simple like bit 6mm.
Copy couple of screen shots and share with

I guess you have not made a single cut.
Check the log file to see what it says @ (c:/springa/slingshot/log) it is a text file and is generated automatically with time stamp you can take a screen shot and share as a jpeg is useful.
Most importently restart all
Press the yellow button on goliath for 10 sec the led turn red (deleats any wifi info) restart goliath and carry on.
I some time have to repeat process few times like z axis not moving.
Good luck
Keep us informed.

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Great info provided by @Bhimarasetty

Hopefully support will be along soon if needed to help further. Welcome to the forums!


Hi @djo17swiss
Try to double click as first click may not register just happened to me out of other issues.

Hi @djo17swiss! We are sending you a private message so that we can provide you with support.

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What’s the use of a forum if you will only give the solution in a private message. Makes it hard for people like me having the same issue.

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Hi, you’re right, it’s just that for some issues we have to request specific files to analyze the nature of the issue and it’s more easy for us to interact via email. We haven’t received a reply yet but as soon as we have the files and a clear picture of what happened we will share more information about the solution below this post.

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I have the same issue but the wifi and towers lights in slingshot are green but the wifi connection between Goliath and my laptop has a limited connectivity.

hello!! I’ve a same problem, the wifi connection is limited, maybe is a hardware problem of my network interface controller?help!!