Initial setup z axis is too low and will not allow spindle protector to be installed

I am going through the first time setup of my new machine and the z axis is at the mid-point instead of at the top. This is preventing installation of the spindle protector. How do I fix this issue?

Press the yellow button on goliath twice to raise the spindle.
Be careful regarding the pogo(contact pins) when pushing spindle cage.

Pressing the yellow button twice does nothing. I have even clicked on the “Lift z axis” button in Slingshot and it does go up to the top, but then immediately goes back down to the middle. Almost like the positioning is set wrong or something.

Is the spindle protection is in its place?
Picture please.
If the spindle protection is not in place raise the spindle through z axis raise and push the dpindle cage as soon an spindle goes up- keep the spindle protector standing on brush and move horizontally.
If you want to change the bit then before cutting the spindle will raise and you can /or not change the bit (when spindle cage is open ) the zaxis light will be red after horizontally moving cage to its place press the yellow button to calibirate zaxis then press yellow button to start cut.
Good luck.
Pogo points are prone to get damaged if the spindle cage not place correctly.

Yes I got it on that way. But it still will never let me raise the spindle to the top and just stay there which is an issue. Also double-clicking the yellow button does nothing as it seems as though it thinks the middle of the z axis is the top.

Why do you want spindle up? send picture of pogo pins

#1 because it is supposed to go up.
#2 because it is for installing the protector safely.
#3 It also makes bit changing easier.
#4 It makes me think there is an issue with my device that I want to get fixed.

I will get a picture of the pins and attach it.

Ok. Flashing the firmware to the latest resolved the issue. It is now working.


Well done.
Happy cutting.:crossed_fingers:

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We are happy that the firmware update has solved the problem. Should you experience any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact us again. :slight_smile: