Issues after firmware update


I have recently updated firmware and I can’t make Goliath work since then. I have tried on two separate computers and got same issues. There is 2 kind of problems.

Problem 1 (happens sometimes).
It occurs when sending GCODE to Goliath. I’ve waited for the process to get completed but it never does. Always shows that the green bar is fully loaded but it’s just stuck there. Check the picture below for a reference.

Problem 2 (happens always).

If for some reason it goes through this step and everything seems ok I get notification to calibrate the z-axis on the board’s surface by pressing the ‘play’ button. Before update it worked fine but now it doesn’t. I press ‘play’ button on Goliath and nothing happens. Without completing this step it’s not possible to cut anything.

I’m using Goliath commercialy and it’s not the first time this kind of weird errors occur. I’m wasting a lot of time trying to restart the software, my computer, recalibrate Goliath, updating firmware and basically figure out wha’ts going on. It’s very unfortunate that there are new updates released that break Goliath and makes it impossible to use in any way. How am I supposed to use it commercialy if it’s so unreliable?

Any help would be appreciated as I have multiple projects going on where I need Goliaths support.

Kind regards