LED lights on Goliath and towers - what does they mean

Goliath CNC and the towers have led lights on/blinking with different colors → indicating a certain status.
I try to found out which “light” is representing which status, so I can better understand what’s going on.

Goliath CN

  • wifi white : looking for netwerk/ PC with Slingshot
  • wifi green : Goliath connected to PC/SlingShot
  • wifi red: I guess reset Wifi, had a problem with connecting Goliath via Wifi to PC, even re-installed latest version. When I pushed the yellow button on Golitah for approx. 15 sec, the white blinking Led became RED and after approx 30 sec GREEN, and Wifi was fixed :grinning:


  • yellow blinking: searching tower(-s)
  • green: tower connected


  • white: spindle ready
  • white blinkung :
  • yellow blinking : spindle operational
  • yellow :
  • blue : calibrate yellow spinner

wifi white and tower green : install update


  • yellow blinking : tower starting uo

  • yellow blinking, no tower connected

  • green : connceted to Goliath and ready for production

  • red : shutdown routine is running

    below USB port

  • orange : charging tower

  • green : tower charged

I guess this will not be the complete overview, with correct explanation.
Please correct ,
or perhaps someone of Slingot can evaluate this, correct and notice that this post is final approved .


It would be nice to know what error codes on the log file mean. I have posted few log files and the error codes are a mystery.
I wish Springa could publish these error codes to better understand the process.

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In the changelog post of update 1.02.00 - released 2021-12-22

If the Goliath is connected to an existing Wi-Fi in provisioning mode,
the Connection LED on the Goliath (the one on the left) will turn flashing white.
This will inform the user that the Goliath is connected to a network.
If you need to establish a direct connection,
you will need to press the yellow button for 5 seconds and when the Connection LED on the Goliath turns red the Goliath
will need to be restarted. By pressing the button of Goliath for 5 seconds,
the Wi-Fi credentials will be erased.

link to post : (Goliath Firmware Changelog)


Hi, I will report this request to the guys in the technical team :slight_smile:

Hello there! In the Goliath manual, you will find the different LED combinations and their meanings, so we kindly ask you to keep those indications as a reference. We are currently working on an updated version where we will add the missing information.

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