My hedgehog project

This is the detail on the hedgehog designed in inkscape and cut with v-bit 60 degree.
The bit dimensions entered are tip0.2mm two flute flat nose length 2mm and total length 44mm.
I think it is not bad for the first attempt. Still learning.

This is 15 cm by 8 cm.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing

I have now completed-ish the hedge hog project. The previous picture was cut with v-bit for detail and i wanted to cut out line with 3mm bit (as I have done before-) but did not know which bit will be used in the path/gcode. So tried with vcarve bit and started the project again,

on the same piece the clever thing is goliath was able to cut on the same path ( i checked in jog mode before cut. i have not moved the mdf )
The first cut was supposed to be with 3 mm bit but I did not know this hence I stopped the project mid way and restarted with correct 3mm bit- surprisingly it did the job.
I think the precision must be good as the piece is cut almost 4 times at different stages. I am impressed.


After a successful cut, I wanted to put detail on the previously cut hedgehogs- a risky stratagy.
The previous pieces were cut in outline mode with a 3mm bit (on a different piece of mdf same thickness)
I used double sided tape on top of decorater tape and stuck the cut piece in place- rerun the program and I could put the detail so I saved the pieces.
So if you stop the project in the middle you can always complete it- but the program has to rerun with out changing the wood position/sensors.

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Hi Bhimarasetty,
Thank you for sharing your project!

If you assign different bits to the track and you want to know which bit you have to mount when Slingshot tells you to mount one, you can look at the list on the left of the production screen. In that list, you can check the sequence operation that Goliath will execute. The light blue ones have already been executed, so you should check the bit the first dark blue operation, that is the bit that you have to mount on the spindle when Slingshot asks you to do it.

I hope this is useful to you.

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Thank you Davide that makes sense so I have to check on the left hand side after sending gcode. The track numbers will reorder and cutting will be from top to bottom on the left hand side list.

This is the hedgehog pencil holder project completed.
3 and 4 pieces glued together and spray painted .
Not much of sanding. The cut was better with higher spindle speed.

If any one interested I can upload the svg file.


Nice work!

Keep up posting your projects. :slight_smile:


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