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I run into Goliath CNC and I’m very interested in skilling myself in the art of using this tool to its ful potential. I have a business, DroomDome (DreamDome in Dutch), and I make, sell and rent out wooden geodesic domes. The photo is of my newest project

and more is on Facebook DroomDome

Goliath seems to be very handy for making the triangles to cover a DroomDome with sheets of wood or plastic, make the parts of scaled models, cut out my logo as many times that I need one and and a lot of other things that has pop up in my mind.

I have a lot of questions but I will just ask three :

Is the software needed for Goliath CNC available for learning and obtaining the skills and knowledge needed for a smooth use of Goliath CNC before actually order one. In other words, is there a way to “play and learn” using Goliath CNC without having one available yet?

Is there a Goliath CNC for dummies kind of book available for download?

I’m from the Netherlands and I’m wondering if there is a fellow Dutchman/woman on the forum that is able and willing to show me the Goliath CNC in action.

Thanks in advance for direction, pointers and answers.

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Hi Erik, I have a cnc machine and make nameplates, plaquettes etc. and use Vectric Aspire software.
My company is
I extend my activities to plywood sheets etc. and will use the Goliath for this purpose, I hope to get my new workshop available in 14 days, if set up you are welcome to have a look at the machine.

Goliath has and requires software called Slingshot and there is a demo available on the website.
More important is that Slingshot is CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software.
This means you have to use something else for CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.
Since Goliath is in principle for sheets this can be a relative simple drawing tool, important is you have to draw in with the right dimensions and scale. I use Sketch-up and Rhinoceros, I suppose even a scanned hand drawn sketch can be made into a product by Goliath.

Please check all the video’s by Springa they will give you a pretty good idea on the possibilities.

I cannot advise on a cnc for dummies but would like to point to he deliveres a ton of cnc information


Het offer van JacobD om die live te bekijken zal al veel van je vragen oplossen.
Ik vraag me wel af als dit toestel wel is wat je nodig hebt.
Als je deze domes om semi-industriële schaal wil gaan produceren kun je mogelijks met een tafelmodel CNC veel vlotter werken.
De investering zal uiteraard veel groter zijn en je kunt niet op verplaatsing werken,
maar op termijn zal de tijdswinst voelbaar worden, en productietijd kost ook geld.

Thanks a lot for the info.ointers and the invitation to come to see your workshop. if it is ready and in operation. Working on location is very attractive to me, it avoids lots of driving around wit materials. Lying in a hammock while Goliath CNC is doing the work is a tempting idea :slight_smile: I have lots to learn, that is clear
to me.

At this moment I don’t have the money to invest heavily in a CNC table, a location for it and the materials that have to be processed so for the short time a CNC table is not a realistic option. The working on location is a big advantage and the investment is serious but not huge so for scaling up it seems to be a logic step. I also will be able to make scaled models without spending the same time as making the real life size of geodesic dome. I’m very happy with the offer of @JacobD and hope to pay him a visit soon.