Odd Behavior Importing Paths Created Using "Path Exclusion" in Inkscape

The first image is from Inkscape. The three images were created by drawing a small ellipse in side a larger ellipse or circle. Using the “Path” / “Exclusion” command, the paths in black were created.

The second image is the result of importing the .svg file into Slingshot. Then choosing a cut operation of “FILL” in hopes of duplicating the paths as they appear in Inkscape.

Is this a bug in Slingshot or do I need to take a different approach in creating the paths?

Hello Vorrtec thank you very much for your feedback
With current version of Goliath, it is not possible to create composite or half-depth paths.
In order to obtain this type of machining, it is necessary to create two different paths, make the cut and then superimpose the pieces.
Anyway we would make any test, could you please send us the svg you have created to info@spriga.tech?