Problem whith inkscape files

Hello. I recived mi goliath cnc two weeks ago, I’ve test the goliath test file, whith out errors.
After, I’ve designed a cnc work whith inkscape , and when I tried to import the sgv file to the slingshot software the result is a erroneus format , I’ve test the file whith rhino software for find any problem, whith out errors,

I send you some pictures

How Can I resolve it?

I’ve cheked if the dimensions are out side of the work space

I would select the eliments on the left of the canvas and rearrange so that it is not out side the cutting platform.
You can resize all by selecting all and check on the right side panel and change horizontal and vertical sizes.
It has not imported as you expect. You need to correct in inkscape watch the svg file import again.
You can do a bit of editing in slingshot like duplicate move delete on slingshot.
Make sure all the eliments are on canvas and you should not have any red lines.
Good luck.

I have repeated the same drawing, adjusting the inkcape workspace to the dimensions of the panel and I have used a standard typography
I have identical result, the ellipse comes out on climbing and several letters and the spiral are out of place
In theory you should not adjust, or at least adjust as little as possible with the Slingshot program

You are right and you should be able to import as it is… may be in future.
For the time being your inkscape image should be outline ( there are many concealed dots not seen) . There are few bugs but for the time being I am using trial and error method and do the final cut when all is good.
Probably you can separate the letters and see how they behave last time I tried a letter import, it has so much info and I kept on selecting few parts of the art and delete, and noticed the out line was still persisting- which means the fonts can be very complex structures.
No wonder some cnc machines have their own fonts.
The letters come better with 3mm bit try and install a mock bit like 3mm 25mm double flute length 45mm and see how the details come out on the canvas.
Hope it make sense. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello alpis, could you please send us your SVG at so we can make some verifications and give you an answer?

Hello Lucia I’m going to send you the file, por check it, but, first I want share whit you some feed backs whit the use of goliath.
Finally I could run the file in goliath, I opened the file in rhino , make a new ellipse and a new spiral (With inkscape i used only the tipography).
The final work it’s ok, maybe i must work whith the configuratións of th jobs, But one thing I’ve noted, was , i gave a poket job to the letters, but the cnc program , i don’t know why , it make a inside rute job in all letters, and after, start the poket job (I think it is a wasted time) , finally i stoped the work because i didn’t have time por finish it.
One thing I missed was the possibility of put in order the jobs (for exemple the ellipse was in the middle of the rest of jobs)
Other thing i missed on the program was the possibility of configurations of the tabs optións ( height and width)

Hello alpis, thanks for your answer.
Goliath cuts pockets or drills large holes after it has cut all the profiles to avoid falling into what it has carved.
About your last two points, we are working to create in Slingshot a feature which will permit users to choose in which order cut paths. For tabs options we will bring this suggestion to the attention of our software team.

And a time stimated job option ,could be a interesting option for future software develop :point_up:


Hello alpis with latest software release, now is possible to change tab sizes in the editor, so we suggest you to update Slingshot with latest version if you didn’t provide yet.