Problem with Z axis

Hi there, I am trying to install Goliath for first time use and i’m getting continuous error after sending Gcode to the machine, the spindle doesn’t get down to the panel and I get an error saying the bit installed is to long.
Could you please help

Hello Pedro, to give you a better support we need more information, could you please send us an e-mail to

Any progress on this? Having the same issue

Hello, could you please give us more details about issue you are experiencing?
Please write us to

Still waiting for support

What is the bit length? is it one sent with the goliath? there is a program to install new bits like 3mm diameter and 40 mm length which seems to work.

This is the bit sent with goliath yes. That really seems to be software related as before the update the bit would come down and start cutting, even if the cut didn’t work correctly.

That is interestinh. Mine work on and off (may be due to wifi bug). I guess you have latest software and firmware upgrade.
Good luck.

I know this is an older thread and folks may have seen this for various reasons, but I ran into it with my unit and found that the dust collector cage was slightly off center and the router was hitting the plastic shield and causing it to think the bit hit the surface thus throwing the error. Reseating the cage properly allowed the router to clear during homing. :slight_smile:

Just throwing it out for anyone who comes acros the thread.


I had similar problem and the brrush on the bottom of cage was crushed- when corrected through spindle cage error couple of times and sorted itself. ( I was advised by Lucia to trim the brush but I did not.)

I now check from above for clearence (put a ruler stick along the router )

Nice tip thanks!


Hi Pedro, I seem to have same problem with the bit not going down to the panel after sending the Gcode. if you have resolved this problem can you share it?
Kind regards!

Hello Indy, please send us your log file and project in order to analyze them and understand reason of issue.

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