Problems with the System, need Help

I have problems with the Goliath and a sensor tower.
-The sensor tower 1 can no longer be switched off for me. It has been blinking amber for hours.
Is it possible to reset it?
-The jog mode doesn’t always work and I don’t know where the Goliath is on the work surface.
-I can’t cancel the project from Slingshot.
Please reply quickly!

Many thanks in advance

Hello Basti,
To reset the turret you just need to press and hold its button for 30 seconds.

What exactly do you mean by the second point? When you move Goliath manually, you can’t see the movement in Slingshot? What software version are you using?

If it crashed, we suggest you restart Slingshot, or you mean you are not able to delete the project from project section of Slingshot?

Hi Basti
Thank you very much for your feedback

We confirm that the version you mentioned is the latest release for Slingshot.
About the Jog Mode issue, I have reported the problem to the technical team and we will try to improve this for future releases.

Regarding the three points you mentioned next:

    1. This is a Z-axis calibration issue. Until we get that sorted out, a solution might be to try and work out how much more the bit is cutting than you want and reduce the depth of cut by that amount.
  • 2./3. Both points can be traced back to the cutting parameters set, which may not be correct. Please find below the link to the table with the suggested values.

We kindly ask you also to:

Send us a photo of tower sensor T1-2 with the cable left out at

Check if there is something obstructing the suction system outlet

Lastly, regarding the problem “drove very quickly in an undefined direction” it will be necessary to update the Goliath firmware with the latest version. Below you can find the link about how to properly update it:

We remain at your complete disposal