Quick Bench Project

I needed to quickly make a locker room style bench, this was cut out of 12mm ply and took about 2 hours to cut out, 20 minutes to assemble:


Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing.


cool design.
I would add a horizontal bar near the floor connecting the 2 feet, for extra stability.

Very Cool! Thanks for sharing! :star_struck:

That is awesome. Is it possible to post svg file please.
Are you using the original bit all this time? If not what bit are you using?
Thank you for sharing.

Happy to post the svg. I do all of my work in AutoCAD first then import via Inkscape. So if anyone would like the CAD file I can share that as well.

Quick Bench.zip (1.2 MB)
Funny thing about my line of work. The bench was built, painted, put on stage, and then a day later cut from the show, so it never truly got finished. This is actually pretty normal that things get rapidly made and then not used, but often times they then get used in a future show or someone’s home, in the shop, etc. To Pelgrim’s point, yes, an extra bar would help for stability, but the designer requested the look of metal brackets.


Thank you @Tom :slightly_smiling_face: easy download will try some time later.

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