Reset goliath after job crash

My golaith godt the bit stuck doing a work. But now it can’t resume it or start a new job. Is there a way to reset it to be ready agin?

A power cycle doesn’t do the trick?

Hello Andrea, we are sending you a PM to asking you more details about your issue.

I had similar problem the bit is not entirely stuck but the program appear to restart and i turned the machine off and lifted it up to disengage the bit. The bit was not completely stuck though.

I am having a similar issue where in I had to stop a job, went through the restart procedure and cannot get the Goliath to start a job. I’ve power cycled, I’ve been able to use jog mode, I’ve reset the computer, I’ve even tried other project files. No Luck.

Well, like most things in life, I shut down everything, walked away, got lunch and it all worked on return.

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I had a big problem last weekend, I thought I would do some nice name plates for my friend.
I had to work real hard to find what was the problem/s.- no luck. Walked away and tried but no luck- The gcode done then jog mode then lift z axis gcode sent but the goliath would not respond. (4 attempts)
I have already requested for help.
Finally I have taken down my wifi (bt broad band ) and connected only with goliath wifi (I put my network to airplane mode just in case???)
Funny it all worked and goliath started.

My guess is that the wifi connection is the problem as I have always said so from now on I would stop(literally) broad band connection to the computer and work only with goliath wifi.
The name plate was a disaster as I used a laminate floor board (I had a spare one) the letters disintegrated and chipped off- MDF is better.