Ricaricare precedente firmware

salve e possibile ricaricare un preecdente firmware su goliath?per risolvere il bug chiusura protezione mandrino?

I uploaded goliath firmware with latest slingshot version
There were small connectivity problems but after two hours managed a cut. I think there are many bugs and incompatibilities between versions. New version does work with firmware update.
(google translation- Ho caricato il firmware di Goliath con l’ultima versione di fionda
Ci sono stati piccoli problemi di connettività ma dopo due ore sono riuscito a tagliare. Penso che ci siano molti bug e incompatibilità tra le versioni. La nuova versione funziona con l’aggiornamento del firmware.)

sling shot
goliath fw version 1.0.1322021
e si blocca sulla chiusura mandrino non mi permette di procedere con l’invio del gcode per tagliare i pannelli

The problem may be the wifi. check this link. Spindle case must be closed?
The goliath wifi will prevent your regular wifi, even though the lights on the top of goliath are green. please check this link as well. Slingshot not seeing Goliath

Good luck. :neutral_face:

Ciao @francesco l’errore “Spindle cage open” è dovuto ad un bug dell’ultimo aggiornamento software, quindi al massimo entro domani verrà rilasciata una nuova versione di Slingshot che dovrebbe risolvere il problema :slight_smile:

Hello @Bhimarasetty, guys of technical team are working every day to improve Goliath’s features and fix bugs, in fact the latest firmware release fixed a connectivity issue that prevented Goliath’s connection from being seen unless other connections were on.

Today I had similar problems even with latest firmware and software. I guess it is connectivity problems Goliath wifi disables my broadband wifi and goliath wifi has limited connectivity I had to fiddle for an hour to get it going and towards the end (90%) it stopped - no error message , spindle moved up , could restart the robot. Then noticed the tower lights were off but two green lights on top are on.
I had to restart all over again but the robot was starting from start so I turned it off. The project was only 90% complete :unamused:

We are really sorry about your issue.
To avoid having to start the whole process from scratch in the event of problems with Goliath, we are working to a Software update which will be realesed by the end of the year that will permit you to select some tracks as already cut so will be possible to open a saved started project and continue it

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thank you for the info.
can goliath work on its wifi? with out internet access?

Hello @Bhimarasetty, of course, Goliath produce its own Wi-Fi so you can work with it also if you don’t have domestic connection :slight_smile:

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