Router bit selection

I have just unboxed the router and have tried to cut the sample file to get an understanding how the machine works. I have used the router bit that was supplied with the machine, being under the impression that the sample file would be set up to accommodate this bit.
After setting Goliath up, and sending the cutting plan to the machine, it is asking me to change the router bit. I have tried changing the cutting plan by selecting BIT1 and BIT2 and also by adding the measurements of the provided bit as an addition. But without any luck, and being unable to proceed with my first cut, as shown below. Can you please advise?

Had have the same,
via Settings, you can remove the bit
and create a new entry via “add bit” with the same values
this solved for me the problem

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When you add a new bit the name of the bit should not contain special charectors like " etc.
As slingshot can not run the production.
Check the thread from Davide

DEO @ Springa

Dec '21

Hi Bmreddin,
let me introduce myself, I’m Davide Cevoli, one of the cofounders of Springa.

Firstly I want to thank you and everyone else here for sharing your feedback with us.
This really helps us to improve our product and software.

I’ve read your posts and I’ve checked the files you have sent to Lucia.

Thanks to your project we have identified two bugs of Slingshot and we are working on them.

The first bug consists that Slingshot lets you get in the cutting phase even if the path’s (GCode) calculation fails, as your first screenshot shows.

We are improving Slingshot so that it will not happen again. It will tell when the path’s calculation fails and you will not able to get into the cutting phase until the cause of the failure is removed.

The second bug is what causes the path’s calculation to fail. We found out that the problem is in the name you gave to the bit. Not the whole name but only the Ditto Mark you used as inch symbol ( " ). In the next version, Slingshot will accept the Ditto Mark in the bit’s name. At the moment this can be solved just by deleting the Ditto Mark from the name or by replacing it with two single Apostrophes ( ’ ).

Thank you again for your feedback.

Hi Squirrel, thanks for your post.
Before starting a production, just as a matter of setup Slingshot will always ask you to replace the milling bit, even if the one installed is already the correct one.
So if you don’t want to change it, just press the yellow Goliath button and the Z-axis will calibrate by lowering until the mill bit has touched the surface of panel.
For more clarity take a look at our video tutorial below:

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