Router stuck at lowest

Hi. Goliath stopped cutting due to some error, but the router has remained at it’s lowest cutting point and I can’t get it to retract it upwards. I have had it off/on, have gone though the panel detection and z axis prep a couple of times too, but it wont move. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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Hello Jamie,

I had exactly the same problem.

2 possibilities : Change your cutting bit or Blow with a compressor under the machine because of accumulation of dust.

Best regards.

Thanks Julie.
I have been vacuuming under the router every 20 mins or so which kept stoppages to a minimum.
I finally managed to get the router to raise up by pressing the top yellow button 2ce. It’s working again now. Think an operating manual with troubleshooting would be a good addition to the website.

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